There’s a Flying Pig in Gastown

Last Friday en route to a BBQ on the North Shore my friend Katie and I stopped for drinks at the new Flying Pig in Gastown. Katie had actually been there the night before but suggested we go again as she was already a huge fan and I hadn’t been yet.

The Flying Pig

While we only went there for drinks I’m definitely going back to check out some menu items.  It isn’t a terribly vegetarian friendly menu, but there are a few appetizers and sides that I have my eye on, particularly the Beef Steak Tomato & Bocconcini Duo + the Crimini Mushroom Gratin. You can check out the rest of their menu here.


Honestly, is there anything better than a perfectly crafted interpretation of a classic caprese salad? We had an awesome bar tender who made one of the best dirty martini’s I’ve ever had and also had a quick chat with the very friendly Erik Heck who is a fantastic chef and one of the proprietors of The Flying Pig. We will be back!

107Katie loving her dirty martini

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