Pretty Bird

It’s been a busy week full of late nights and early mornings, and if there is one thing I know for certain about myself it’s that I desire, nay, require sleep. I love it. I will happily tuck myself into bed while friends are out partying if it means I get to hold up nine fingers when I start counting the hours until I have to wake up. To me, nine hours rest, is the ultimate life win. And yes, I have seen the picture of a young brunette jumping in puddles or the pretty blonde running on the beach with eloquent hand writing across it that reads “you’ll never regret the things you did, only those you didn’t” or some kind of yolo crap. But believe me when I say I DO REGRET some of those things I do. When I am hungover at work remembering the bottle service at celebrities that seemed reasonable on a Tuesday night, that led to the aggressive twerking performance I gave my co-workers and the super cute tights and sweatshirt I am wearing in my office on Wednesday as a result, I’m not smiling fondly thinking “oh Wendy… life in your twenties! live it up you wild card!” I’m thinking, “I would sell my soul to go back in time and watch 2 hours worth of The Good Wife in my apartment and be in bed by 10.” But alas, those nights happen, and they are fun, and a week later I usually am pretty glad I went out and had a good time. But those nights along with just normal busy life stuff can often lead to less than my desired 9 hours which means I am setting my alarm as late as possible, which requires an absolutely dialed morning routine.

I love makeup. Always have, always will. On evenings and weekends I love to play with eye shadows and lipsticks and all kinds of different looks, but on those busy mornings where my hair is going to be in a top knot, my outfit is going to be basic and i’ll be flying out the door in 30 minutes, my makeup will never be sacrificed. These are products I use religiously every day.


The key to almost everything in life is a good foundation

And makeup is no different. In my opinion the foundation is the absolute pinnacle of wearing makeup. What’s the point in painting if the canvas looks like shit? It also comprises over half of the total time spent doing my makeup. My two favorite products in life are the 1. MAC Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer and 2. MAC Studio Fix Powder.  They are both very opaque so not much is needed. You never want it to look caked on. These combined provide a flawless finish and make the rest of your makeup application a breeze.

3. MAC Bronzing Powder I use this year round. In the summer it’s great to amp up your sun kissed look and year round it’s great for contouring. Just make sure it’s not shimmery. 4. Benefit Brow Zings Defining my eyebrows changed my life. That’s a slight dramatization, but it really changed my makeup routine. Defined brows make you look instantly more polished and they frame your face and you will never go back. It takes some playing around to get comfortable with but seriously do it. I always find that the women who work at benefit counters are SO helpful and will walk you through how to use any product. Also, I always ask for a few of their disposable mascara brushes which you can use to comb through your brows before and after adding the wax to help shape them! 5. They’re Real! Benefit Mascara This mascara is amazing and caused me to no longer bother with eyeliner for my daytime look because it’s just that good. And lastly 6. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Gloss I have actually probably 20 of these in every purse, bag, and coat pocket. They are so minty and shiny and fresh and they come in a variety of sheer colors if you don’t love the clear, as well as cinnamon and other flava flavs if mint isn’t your thing.

I won’t drone on for too much longer, but of almost equal importance to the product is the tools used for the application of it. These are the 3 brushes you will always find in my bag! Always remember to clean your brushes regularly. Especially those used for liquid foundation and concealer!


In order: The 190 Foundation Brush for my concealer and liquid foundation if I’m using it. The 116 for blush, bronzer and contouring. And the 182 Buffer Brush to apply an all over dusting of Studio Fix powder. You can see those, and all MAC brushes here.

What are you favorite products and makeup rituals?

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6 thoughts on “Pretty Bird

  1. nattohokine15 says:

    I am obsessed with the MAC studio fix powder, and I have never tried the Benefit They’re Real Mascara but I really have to give it a shot. You have a really good and relatable blog here, so I just followed! I was hoping you could check my blog out and possibly follow it if you like it.

    ❤ Your New follower, Naa

  2. R Temple says:

    I love reading anything you write. You are a word wizard. So glad you are blogging! Love the tips too. But I’m still too scared to do anything with my albino eyebrows.

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