Gold Rush

Whenever my Mom and I go to HomeSense together I get extreme anxiety. My Mom is an AMAZING interior designer and rips through that place like a bat out of hell. She tries to buy me anything and everything she thinks will look cute in my apartment which is obviously very nice, but also very overwhelming because she’s a whirlwind and I’m a planner. I need to think about how things will fit with the rest of my decor, their longevity, if I can get a better deal (I’m a huge bargain hunter) and what my plans are for the space etc. etc. I source almost everything online before I purchase it. This way I can get all the deets, look at it while i’m in my house (genius) and be really confident when I go to buy. It’s also because I’m lazy and returning things is the worst thing in the world. EXAMPLE: My Mom tried to purchase rug a few weeks ago on a whim and it didn’t work, so the next day she went back  and exchanged it, brought a new one home didn’t like it, ended up returning it again and going rugless in that room, straight up brazilian.. after all that effort! I’m exhausted just thinking about it and may never buy a rug again as a superfluous act of solidarity. This is for you Mom!

ANYWAY. Accessories are always the easiest purchase. They are generally cheaper and ergo less of a commitment, they can be seasonal and they really add feeling and finishing to a room. Right now I’m into gold. Silver is out. Gold adds such an elegant, modern feeling to a space and you don’t need much, just a few pieces to add a bit of shimmer shammer (there is for sure a 99 cent lip gloss named ‘shimmer shammer’ out there somewhere). Also, it’s neutral enough it works in almost any space.

These are a few gold pieces that I love love love right now.


1. These sweet candle-holders from Crate&Barrel are a perfect way to add a touch of gold.

2. I am OBSESSED with gold cutlery. I think the trick is to keep it matte and super simple, if it’s at all ornate it can look dated. This set by Cutipol has nailed it. With the holidays fast approaching what better time to invest in gold cutlery?

3. This decorative ampersand is available at The Cross (which is where I would like to go when I die) and is exactly what I’m talking about when I say “finishing a room”. Which is really just a tricky way of justifying buying stuff that has absolute no real life value or purpose at all but is so pretty. It would look so sweet on a mantel mixed with some leaning photos, on a bedside table of a happy couple, on a shelf that houses red wine and stemware (caught that? can I get an amen?) really it would look cute anywhere.

4. I love this gold vase by Christiane Lemieux. The fact that it isn’t solid balances the size perfectly. I love that you would get a hint of green stems through it if filled with fluers.  

5. This end table is so cool, it offers a very chic Art Deco feeling that is so popular right now and I need it in my apartment immediately.

6. A tray is such a great addition to any coffee table/ottoman  situation. This one would look great in a living room or on a bedside table with some fresh flowers and a candle. It would also be perfect on my bar housing my crystal decanters.

Check out my WANT and INSIDE boards on Pinterest to see more of my favorite things!

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2 thoughts on “Gold Rush

  1. rendellh57 says:

    Wendy, this is great. I enjoyed reading this and your other posts, I would like to live at The Cross or possibly Anthropologie. You have the knack for lifestyle reporting.

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