Juice Cleanse Part One

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. It’s always nuts around the holiday and my laptop has been a genuine nightmare so I will be boxing day shopping for a new one and then I will be blogging all up in your grill, all day, like err day. But I wanted to drop a quick post. I am on day 2 of a 6 day juice cleanse! When I am complete I will be posting all my shopping lists recipes and plans so be sure to check back and perhaps incorporate it into a new years resolution!

It’s going great so far. I’m definitely struggling in the office around lunch when everyone is heating up delish food, but yesterday I went to my gym for a 30 minute steam and today I went for a brisk walk up to Robson and back to keep the hunger pains at bay! Rumor has it the initial struggles (hunger, caffeine headache, etc) wear off after day 3, so I am looking forward to that! And to letting you all know how it pans out!


all my fresh produce ready to be juiced


the first three days juiced and ready to go!

Will be back soon with an update! Hope everyone is ready and excited for the Holidays!