Fitness and New Years Resolutions

Fitness is something that I never gave much thought to when I was growing up. I was always part of some sort of team, be it soccer, volleyball, partners tennis or even ultimate frisbee. Team sports felt more like fun activities with friends than strenuous work-outs.

Now being a 25 year old that no longer participates in team activities, I’ve realized my metabolism doesn’t appreciate the eat what you want when you want and don’t exercise diet. I don’t know if you’re like me, but it really takes me a lot to get motivated. At times I would tell myself ‘oh yea, I’m gunna start working out this week, run at least twice!’. However when it came down to it I would never actually exercise because I had nothing keeping me accountable.

This year was the first year I made New Years resolutions with 1 year, 5 year and 10 year goals. It was the first time I critically looked at what I wanted to accomplish and where I wanted to be in the future. One of those goals was to start a fitness program that kept me accountable. So I started Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG) the first week of January. The program gives you a weekly timetable of when you need to be exercising as well as different circuit exercises to perform 3 times a week. Not only is this great to keep you on a routine, it also makes you feel guilty if you miss a circuit or a day of cardio so you keep doing it! I am now on the last week of the 12 week program and feel great. I have gained muscle which is a pretty cool feeling when you can feel your muscles contracting when you run or exercise. I feel stronger and healthy and I have incorporated working out into my lifestyle. It is something that will be around for awhile (hopefully!).

Here are my week 11 progress shots. When I started this I definitely thought I would have a 6 pack by the end of 3 months, but as my friend Ray likes to remind me, fitness is a marathon not a sprint and I am happy with the results I am seeing so far.


FullSizeRender (1)

With the BBG it is recommended to follow a meal plan to cut out all the bad things for you including alcohol. I don’t agree with this. I agree that eventually you should tweak your diet, but I firmly believe that if you are changing too many things (diet and exercise) at the same time, you wont follow through with your goal. These past three months I haven’t changed my diet (maybe I would have a 6 pack by now if I didn’t eat that donut and ice cream bar yesterday!!) I have found this very effective as it has kept me doing the exercises as my lifestyle did not change drastically. Now that I have my exercise routine (experts say it takes 21 days of doing something for it to become a habit) I will be able to introduce a healthier diet with cutting out sugars adding healthier carbs and more protein.These next 3 months I am hoping to see the most change as now I have set a foundation.

quinoa fruit salad

Now on to my favorite work out gear! Because Kayla recommends taking progress shots in the morning, and I work out at night, unfortunately none of my work out clothes are featured – but Joe Fresh work out gear is the best!

Here are some of my favorites:

3A (1)baseball3A

Baseball tee | Active Pants | Pink Sports Bra

xx Andrea

Vancouver Staycation

One of my favourite parts of going on vacation is enjoying the amenities and all the little luxuries that come with staying in a nice hotel. But who says you need to wait for a vacation to enjoy some five star fun? Last weekend Andrea and I planned a little ‘staycation’ right in our own city and it was SO FUN. lobby-2 We booked a suite at the Four Seasons and spent the afternoon indulging in an amazing inner peace massage in the hotels RedCedar room. Then we lounged around the room in robes (our fav) while sipping on champagne before we headed to Blo Blow Dry Bar in the hotel lobby to get our hair did for a big night out. bedroom-2   blo-2 The service at the Four Seasons was de-luxe, as you can imagine, and no one gave us grief even though we called the concierge about 100 times with all sorts of odd requests. During this visit we didn’t get a chance to eat at Yew, their in-house spot for amazing seafood and drinks, but we were able to catch lunch there a few weeks ago and it was outstanding! Andrea recommends the scallop salad and I recommend the cashew cream pasta available on their vegan lunch menu. After we were primped and polished we had a few friends up to our room where we enjoyed even more champagne before we headed out in celebration of our friends birthday. We took down the dance floor at the Met (our friends random hipster choice) but honestly they played AMAZING early 2000’s music! I was sweating profusely and completely ruined my blow out getting down to R Kellys Ignition. Naturally.


The next morning was brunch at our favourite Cafe Medina and that wrapped up a glorious little staycation right in Vancouver!



Healthy Pita Pizza

Deciding on what to make for dinner is a daily struggle. Especially with a busy schedule containing work, school, fitness, and of course being social. This is a great recipe for an easy tasty dinner for two, or if you live alone in a studio apartment like I do, it’s dinner and then lunch the next day!




As my friends know, I have a soft spot for Costco. Even though I shop for ONE, I still find it necessary to buy bulk food items. I mean who doesn’t need 100 pitas for $3.99? So now all my meals contain pitas. I need to start eating them because nothing else can fit in my freezer!!



Homemade pizza’s are my absolute favorite and pitas make them so easy. No dough to worry about kneading, and Pita’s are the perfect size. As a kid we would have family dinners to make your own pizza’s and that was by far my favorite dinner. Not only does it let you be creative, it also gets everyone in the kitchen together. I love cooking when people are around to hang out!

This is definitely the least amount of ingredients I have EVER put on a pizza, but it is the perfect combination and tastes just as good the next day! Because it doesn’t have any tomato sauce or re-fried beans as a base the pita gets really crispy and adds a good texture, such a treat. Happy Cooking!


Time: Preparation 12 min, baking 8-10 min


1 can of tuna drained (pole & line caught – sustainable 🙂 )

1 handful of organic spinach (no stems)

2 spring onions cut with scissors

1/2 cup white cheddar cheese

1/2 can chickpeas

1 tbsp (dollop) light Caesar salad dressing

2 pitas

1 tbsp EVOO (Extra virgin Olive Oil)

3 twists of ground black pepper


Preheat oven to 425F.

In a bowl, mix tuna, chickpeas, Caesar dressing, olive oil, ½ of the green onion and all of the pepper.

Place the pitas on the baking sheet. Divide spinach among the pitas, then spread the tuna mixture over-top.

Sprinkle cheddar cheese on top of each pita and bake until cheese has melted – approx. 8 to 10 min.

Once out of the oven, garnish with remaining green onions and I like to add a bit of franks hot sauce!


xx Andrea